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This website is all about how to make cheap calls using your computer (VoIP) and calling cards. We also show you the best online resources for cheap or free SMS and conference calls.

Cheap Calls Dot Com was founded because keeping in touch with our loved ones is crucial, and in this economy we need to find the best ways to make cheap calls. You may be surprised to learn just how quickly a phone bill can expand when we stay in contact with someone from the next area code. Noticing this type of price damage is essential for young people venturing from their family homes into the real world for the first time, and for the elderly who no longer realize just how expensive phone calls can be.

One solution to excessive land line fees is the purchase of a cell phone. With cell phones, the customer can call anywhere within their country for free (if they have inclussive minutes), as long as they adhere to whatever limits on minutes are imposed by the cell plan provider. For example, a user may receive seven hundred free cell phone minutes each month to anywhere within the United States. Except for the standard monthly service fee (which would probably run around seventy dollars per month), phone calls are basically free. While the seventy dollar monthly cost may seem prohibitive, keep in mind that the average long distance phone bill can easily exceed three hundred dollars. These affordable cell phone plans can also include text messaging services for a fee, and of course you will need to decide what type of cell phone you require, and if that phone needs high powered internet access. You’ll also want to make sure that your cell phone plan allows you to make your calls any time of the day, and that there are no restrictions at certain hours or on certain days of the week.

If you are not interested in purchasing a cell phone, you can still make cheap calls from your land line with the help of a prepaid calling card. Phone cards are surprisingly affordable, and will ensure that you never utilize the long distance aspect of your stationary telephone. For example, you can purchase a two thousand minute phone card for about forty dollars. This is cheaper than a cell phone plan, even after the standard monthly fee to your local telephone or electric company, but keep in mind that you will not be able to converse with mobility.

If you have internet access, online message programs can be an excellent way to make cheap calls, as the only fee would be your normal internet usage costs. Some of the biggest internet companies offer free text and voice messaging, eliminating the need for a phone altogether. However, you’ll need to stay at your computer for this to work, and have easy access to headphones and a computer microphone.

In the modern communication age, there are plenty of ways to make cheap calls. Do your research, shop around, compare prices, and find the method that best fits your regular telephone needs. The worst thing you can do is sit around wracking up long distance charges – you’ll end up with three hundred dollar monthly phone bills.